Convergence Factor: Micro

One of the things I love most about writing is that you can begin with nothing but a tiny fragment, put pen to paper, and let the act of writing reveal to you where it wants to go. Most of the time, I’m not in charge. The pen is its own compass point and navigates independently.

People on can you see this picture? Hoping I got the DNS fixed

Jizo with masks!

Oh, how I enjoy cooking, and oh, how I love this knife. Damascus love

I know an escape-prone cat getting a harness today.

I make excellent mashed potatoes.

Unless you’re allergic to cheese or butter. Or are bothered by a horrific calorie load.

Next side project, since no knives at the last flea market: handle mod, blade mod, blade swap. Top Opinel is stainless, bottom one is carbon steel.

Prep time. Final job interview in 2.5 hours.

About to ride a crowded commuter train into Tokyo for the first time this year, a day after Tokyo’s second-highest COVID numbers. About to go spend thirteen hours at an English school and really questioning the value of this transaction.

Sometimes fixing stuff involves intermediate stages that frankly just look dumb.

Butter tarako pasta always seems too easy to make for how delicious it is

The incredible avocado grove of my living room.

😬😬😬 No HD, but let’s hope I can bring it back to life

Every January 1st, it’s all about corned beef hash

If you’ve got good sneakers and good jeans, that’s like 75% of a good day.

Scouting, making test exposures. Will come back just before midnight with a bigger tripod and geared head, ready to get that shot.

Gearing up for my shot at midnight, ready to “shift” into the new year.


Midday walk with some friends

That place in the paw where you can put your finger ❤️

They’ve added an extra room in hell just to accommodate these people

My girlfriend got me a new hat for my birthday, as if the old one didn’t still have plenty of life in it. Bet you can’t even tell which is which.

Time for more mending. It’s ridiculous that these jeans have fared better than most in recent years and I still have to put in a lot of effort to keep the inner thigh/crotch from totally dying on me.

My sister made stickers of my cat’s face!!! 😻😻😻 This damn-near salvages 2020!

Dinner begins. Soup in seven hours.

Christmas/Birthday EDC improvements pt. 2: Pilot Custom 823, fine nib